Girl Guiding in India

A Brief History
1911 Girl Guiding Movement (to become known as the All India Girl Guide
Association) was started in India by Dr. Cullen at Jabalpur. Although Scouting
in India was introduced in 1910 and Guiding in 1911, no Indian boys or girls
were included in the movement till 1916. Over the years, a number of other
Guiding and Scouting associations were formed.
1921 Lord and Lady Baden-Powell visited India. Lady Baden-Powell initiated the
merging of the Guides Associations in India.
1928 The All India Girl Guide Association was admitted as a founding member of the
World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).
1937 Lord and Lady Baden-Powell visited India again and once again tried to
encourage the various associations to merge, but negotiations failed on the
issue of the Promise and loyalty to the King.
1951 On 15 August 1951, the All India Girl Guide Association merged with the
Bharat Scouts and Guides. Following the merger, the Girl Guide Association
ceased to be a member of WAGGGS.
1953 The Bharat Scouts and Guides was admitted as a full member of WAGGGS.
Bharat Scouts and Guides Today
Guiding/Scouting is primarily school based,
although some open units exist for girls
who cannot attend school-based units. In
many schools, Guiding and Scouting form
part of the official extra-curricular school
The uniform for Bulbuls and Guides is a
dark blue overall with epaulettes, a brown
leather or web belt, and a scarf which
distinguishes the different school groups.
The uniform for Rangers and adult leaders
is a dark blue skirt and white blouse or a
blue sari with white blouse with two upper
pockets and epaulettes. There is a choice
of a salwar khamiz uniform as well.
Age Groups
Bunnies 3 – 6 years
Bulbul 6 – 10 years
Guide 10 – 18 years
Ranger 18 – 25 years
Guiding in India has a significant focus on
community service and development. The four
main areas of the basic tests that the Guides have to complete are character development,
health, handicraft and service to others.
The highest achievement for a Bulbul is the Golden Wings, for a Guide it is the President
Guide Badge and Citation (awarded by the President of India), and for Rangers it is the
Bharat Ranger Award.
Guide Promise
On my honour, I promise that I will do my best:
To do my duty to God‡ and my country,
To help other people, and
To obey the Guide Law.
‡The world ‘Dharma’ may be substituted for ‘God’ if so desired.
Nine parts of the Guide Law
1. A Guides is trustworthy
2. A Guide is loyal
3. A Guide is a friend to all and a sister to every other guide
4. A Guide is courteous
5. A Guide is a friend to animals and loves nature
6. A Guide is disciplined and protects public property
7. A Guide is courageous
8. A Guide is thrifty
9. A Guide is pure in thought, word and deed.
Bunnies Keep Smiling
Bulbuls Do Your Best
Guides Be Prepared
Rangers Service
Thank you to Pervin Anklesaria, Vicki Callaway and Darshana Pawaskar for compiling this information


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  1. bhaut si galti hai har jagah …chahe wo book ho ya wepside ho ek fix date clear nahi hai.. example. B.P Ki last date. Lady. BP ki last date ya. bunny ya scout ya rover ki age. BP kitne bhai bhen the..any thing har book me kuch aur hai wep par kuch aur…pragatipath. scouting for boys. rovering tu sucsses story of BP ……. APRO 1 2 3 RD……. in sab se kya sahi hai please tell me….

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